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Understanding the 12-15 hour shift in a doula package

  • This 12-15 hours begins when your doula arrives, and ends when she leaves, approximately 2-4 hours after baby is born.
  • The 12-15 hour contract is valuable for both client and doula. Doula is fairly compensated for working overtime, and the client receives the best care after long hours.
  • During early labor, or before your doula arrives, she will remain in contact with you via phone or text, and come in when you ask.
  • Early labor is often an exciting period to embrace with your partner, rest, eat, and be calm.
  • During early labor, your doula will encourage you to manage and continue your normal, until you feel you NEED her support.
  • Some women choose to call their doula in during early labor, for stressful or specific circumstances, or just for the added support.
  • Most women call their doula in when active labor begins, or when labor becomes too difficult.
  • Active labor is around 6 cm dilated, with close and consistent contractions.
    (5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for 1 hour)
  • The average active length of active labor for a first time mom is around 8 hours, so most doula shifts are around 8- 10 hours, only sometimes reaching 12-18 hours, this is particularly for first time moms.

**Dispelling Myths on the 12hr contract**
1. Your doula will not leave. 
2. Your doula is not watching the clock. 
3. The fees are not high for hourly rates, and (barring extreme circumstances) it is NOT likely that your doula will be present for many hours beyond the contract. 
4. Your doula will not expect payment at the time of your birth. Your day is still about you.
5. Doulas are gracious by nature. You will not be nickel and dimed for minutes. 

It is so important that our doulas and providers are compensated, especially for long hours. 
Doula are accruing costs in childcare, scheduling,  missed work, paying a backup, and also feeling the physical and emotional toll after 12 hours of work. 

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