"I am so honored to serve every single family who choose me as their doula. I cannot thank you enough for all the love and lessons."



"Abi and i got along immediately. We had an instant connection and i new i had found the right women to help guide me through my birth. Her approachability and sincere personality made it so easy to ask any questions. I was able to joke with and confide in her. i found this very comforting in the days leading up to my birth. She was professional, calm, clean and courteous,and worked wonderfully with my midwife. They were an exceptional team. The day of my delivery i was surprisingly calm and centered. As helpful as abi was, she also allowed me the space i needed to focus inward. Her hands off approach was just what i needed. Her intuitive touch knew just when to lay a hand on my back for support. Tell me a few choice words, or just be there with a spoon full of honey to give me the energy i needed for the final stretch of my birth. She was such a trooper the night of my delivery,(she was there for most of the 36 hrs of labor) She kept my husband calm and centered. She made sure that my home was left in a state of serenity before she left. Tidying up, loading the dishwasher, and making sure my family was fed and settled. So that baby and I could focus on each other and rest. It was a wonderful experience and i am forever grateful to this beautiful women." 


"I have never met any one so passionate about the birthing process. This woman was put on this earth to Help mothers bring babies in this world. Abby expresses sincerity, empathy, and an overall air of motherly nurturing."


"When i went into labor at one am abby was there an hour later, bringing raspberry leaf tea and the two incredible hands she used to rub my back for SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS. (I adore this woman for that alone)  I mean i wouldnt even say anything i would just pant and growl and roll over and she was ON IT. She just KNEW and would rub my back. It was beautiful."


"I had the privilege of seeing Abby as a doula firsthand this week while she was caring for a friend and I was beyond impressed with her care. She put my friend at ease immediately at her prenatal appointment, was a great support leading up to labor, and was indispensable during the labor and birth. She is caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and I could go on and on."


"I can't possibly thank Abby enough. Without her help and support, my birthing experience would not have been ideal. I hired her last minute and didn't even meet her until she met me at the hospital when I went into labor. She is such a loving, caring woman. She made me feel so comfortable and did everything she could to make sure I had the best birth possible. I'm so grateful to have found such a wonderful doula to help me through one of the most important weeks of my life. I'm also grateful because I now how a great friend ♥"


"Abby is the best! She helped my daughter so much and is such a nice, knowledgable, caring person. Michelle ( my daughter) was blessed to have her as her Doula."