Abigail Iovine (BAIcd)

Phone: 610-216-2910 Email:abigail.iovine@gmail.com

Emmaus Pa 18049

Professional Labor support, Pregnancy and Childbirth Education,

Maternity & postpartum care

I am an experienced certified doula providing comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth education, on call, continuous labor support, and professional, compassionate postpartum and breastfeeding care.

I possess practical knowledge in pregnancy/maternal physiology and public health and maternity care, both in hospital and out of hospital.
I provide patient advocacy and concierge services to the community, applying extensive knowledge and hands on experience, to offer evidence based information to women and their families.

Core Competencies include:

Anatomy & physiology • Nutrition • Reproduction • Fetal Growth and development

Pregnancy and Birth • Lactation • Prenatal Care • Continuous Labor Support

Public Health/Maternity care • Child Development • Pre- perinatal psychology • Post postpartum care

Neonatal resuscitation  Basic Life Saving   Birth emergency protocols Management of normal labor and delivery

Professional Experience:


Apprentice Midwife
My Birth By Design

Midwife's assistant
Beautiful Beginnings Homebirth

2012 – Present
Traditional Birth Services & Professional Labor Support

I have attended births and served women in the following settings:

water births • home births • hospital births • cesarean births • vaginal births

unmedicated/ natural births • medicated births • inductions • multiples • single mothers • trauma

addiction/recovery • bereavement/pregnancy loss

Formal Training and Education

Formal midwifery apprenticeship 2017- ongoing

Neonatal Resuscitation renewal 2017

Stillbirthday training 2017-ongoing

Birth Doula Certification 2013 (Birth Arts International)

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification 2012 (Karen Strange Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation)

Art of Midwifery 2012 (The Art of Midwifery)


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