Go ahead girl, you stay a hot mess.

Yo. As real as it gets. Im a hot mess.

& I really don't want to change.

As I type this with one hand, baby in a chest carrier, milk leaking into a Kiinde bag Im holding with my other hand- I speak to you in true form.

It is reality. That most of us are a hot mess, much of the time.

I wore my yoga pants to bed, black tank- and threw a jammie top on. Woke up- changed out the pajama for a thermal & added legwarmers. done. for. today.


Its all good. My shit was tight yesterday. And one day last week...

I realize I don't need to have it together everyday. Its killing me trying to achieve this unattainable thing I call perfect.

Some days you got a super clean house, some days you have sauce on your stove at noon from last night.

That's mom life. We all got it. Its all good.

Today I dont sweat it. Some days you are on point, some days - not so much.

Embrace that hot mess thing you got going. Its real.

& It looks good on ya